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Middlefield Community Primary School


Community Primary School

School Development Plan 2015-16




Expected Impact

Actions and Respons-ibilities




Build Leadership Capacity & Sustainability:
Recruit Assistant Head Teacher (pastoral)
Ensure development of Middle Leadership
Vacancy unfilled in Summer term 2015.
Ofsted 2014
“Not all leadership roles are clearly defined and as a result, not all school leaders are sufficiently accountable for standards in their areas of responsibility.”
Clearly defined roles and responsibilities of leaders at all levels.
A sustained model of self-
School is well organised and smooth running.
HT and Govs oversee a rigorous and successful selection process
JW, EJW, BF to complete formalised NPQML and TFL courses
MH to complete NPQSL, from 2014/15
AHT employed at L9-13 (cost neutral from 2014/2015 structure)
NPQML cost £1050 x2. TFL cost £1000. Both courses will be discounted by scholarship TBA.
NPQSL cost covered in 14/15
Shortlisting 1st Oct Lesson obs w/c12/10/15
Interviews 21/10
Appointment secured 21/10
Attendance and contribution at SLT meetings.
Performance management final appraisals to take place in Sep 2016.
AHT (Pastoral) fully accountable for standards of pastoral provision
JW and EJS to complete NPQML in 16. Further time to embed practice required. TLR3 to be extended.
BF has completed TFL and secured Liverpool Counts. Now offered TLR3 position
Reintroduction (Interim) of 4 Key Stage Organisation- EYFS, KS1, LKS2, UKS2
Ofsted Report 2014
“Not all leadership roles are clearly defined and as a result, not all school leaders are sufficiently accountable for standards in their areas of responsibility.”
Clear definition of roles. More effective organisation. Improved leadership.
HT acting as ‘Coach’ to facilitate and monitor success of Middle Leadership qualifications.
Interim payment of 2 key stage leaders- TLR3 £2495 x2
at SLT meetings.
Reports to SLT
Pupil Progress.
4 key stage model is effective. HT to work with Govs and SEAT to organise necessary structural changes in 2016/2017.
Raise Standards in Mathematics at Key Stage 1 so that they are in line with national averages
Ofsted Report 2014
“Overall progress in Key Stage 1 is not as strong as in Key Stage 2, especially for the most able pupils.”
National average attainment in 2015 was 82% 2b+ and 24% Level 3. Due to removal of levels, a quantifiable figure is impossible to set.
Reorganisation of KS1. Key stage Leader MH placed in Y1 to ensure immediate standards increase in Y1
MOS and BF to work collaboratively.
BF to use TFL course and work with KC to establish and implement action plan.
BF, KC and MOS to ensure that school achieve Liverpool Counts Quality Mark
Pupil Progress meetings for KS1
Performance Management
/ Appraisal
ASPR Autumn2
New AHT to join team in January
KS1 moderated by LA 21/6/16
Undertake review of Pupil Premium spending to ensure effective use of budget.
Securing best value for pupils. Ensuring highest possible standards for disadvantaged children.
Continued good progress from starting points for disadvantaged pupils.
Clear accounting.
DP and admin team
Autumn 1 allocated projected £270,118
DP and LSIP ongoing
HT @ Pupil Premium course SIL/ Hope 8/716
Pupil Premium money to be more heavily targeted towards Interventions in 16/17
Engage with external networks ie SLLN
To ensure that school is not working in isolation and has a firm grasp of local and national developments.
School is able to absorb changes and move forward positively.
DP to engage in LPHA
KC to work with SLLN on all moderation and cross network ventures.
Subject leaders to engage in appropriate networks
Service Level Agreements+ ongoing attendance fees.
Ongoing engagement has been key and will now continue to be school practice
Achieve external awards for the school’s work, including Liverpool Reading Quality Mark, Liverpool Counts Quality Mark and other upcoming opportunities.
External validation of the school’s success.
Standards and Progress to remain in line with National Standards in KS2 and to continue to increase at KS1 (see Action 3)
DP, KC, BF, MOS to develop and implement action plans to attain accreditations.
MH to implement ‘Reading Bug’ across whole school to supplement reading and contribute to LRQM as part of NPQSL qualification (see objective 1)
SLA + supply costs for Key Staff
School achieved Bronze Liverpool Counts award on 9/6/16
Develop the school library, for whole school use. To create an environment that supports a love of reading, both for pleasure and for learning.
Library needs to be more accessible, child friendly and have clear links to school themes.
It needs to promote a range of text types that engage a variety of readers and interests.
Library used by all classes and also independently by children.
Children feel confident and enjoy using the library.
‘Children’s Voice’ will reflect greater engagement in reading.
Secure LRQM
DP/KC to present full action plan, proposal and costs to Governors for approval.
£12,000 (Subject to Governors Approval- £8000 from Formula Capital and balance from Curriculum and Learning Resources)
‘Bookspace’ plan and costing 14/10/15
Approved by Finance Governors 3/11/15.
Refit complete 17th Dec 15
Library is a key feature of school life. It is in constant use and is a rich tool for wider learning and reading for pleasure.
Supplement ‘Middlefield Chatterbox’ resources, so that they continue to drive standards in writing.
The reorganisation of classes into straight year groups means that resources are shared between more classes. In addition, some products need renewal due to age and use.
Writing is a strength of this school. Attainment at KS2 will remain in line with local and national figures.
Attainment in KS1 will continue its recent improvement.
KC to fully audit resources and supplement accordingly.
£5000 from Learning Resources budget.
Sept - Audit started.
January - Audit complete, orders placed to replace/replenish.
Supplement was unable to be carried out due to cost of replacing and replenishing current supplies in KS1.
Develop the school’s Website so that it meets statutory requirements and provides a rich source of information to staff, pupils and parents.
Current school website is not Ofsted or LA compliant. It is too technical and antiquated to be updated by school staff.
Ofsted and LA compliant site which is useful to the school, parents and interested parties.
DP and Greg Gait to update current site as best as possible.
GG to source and cost new provider.
DP to select preferred site.
GG to manage the site with info provided by key school staff.
GG to instruct staff how to access and update site.
1 day invoice from GG
GG to invoice school for running costs as appropriate.
GG to invoice school
3 quotes provided 14/10/15
3/11/15 Governor approval
E4ducation contracted 4/11/15
Dec 15- Website build commenced projected to be complete January 16.
Staff uploading content
Complete a review of support and admin staff hours to ensure best value and maximum impact upon teaching and learning.
SEAT advised DP that there is discrepancy between contracted hours and pay, and actual working hours completed.
Additional hours of work which will benefit teaching and learning
Meet with SEAT team to review contracts and actual hours worked.
Hold a meeting with all support staff.
Hold individual meetings with support
/admin to inform of need to conform to contractual hours.
6-10th Nov 15
New working arrangements took effect in January 16.
Improve staff attendance rates by a minimum of 10%.
Over £80,000 was spent in agency supply during 14/15. Most of this was spent upon covering absence.
Financial savings
Consistency in classrooms leading to improved pupil outcomes.
DP to liaise regularly with SEAT to manage absence formally.
DP and admin to implement absence policy correctly- ie Return to Work interviews.
Half termly attendance reports to SEAT.
Formal Interviews held 3/12/15
Engage in wider educational development through:
Liverpool Hope Primary Steering Committee
Liverpool Hope ‘Lead English School’
Selection and Recruitment of Education Students.
Up to date research and CPD opportunities. Network opportunities to be at the forefront of development.
CPD opportunities for Key Staff
Access to research and resources.
Development of observation tools.
Contribution to the wider educational community.
KC, BF and key staff to continue to offer training to Hope Students as required.
KC to play active role in student recruitment and selection
N/A All supply costs met by Hope University.
Middlefield is a ‘Strategic Partner’ of Hope University. School has further developed its role in lectures, tutorials and selection events throughout the year.
Improve pupil attendance, so that it is in line with local averages.
Middlefield figures 2014/15
Attendance 92.9%
PA 13.28%
Liverpool figures 2014/15
Attendance 95.46%
PA 4.37%
Attendance: 97%
PA: 6%
DP and Mentors to host ‘attendance clinics’
Profile of attendance raised through displays and fortnightly attendance assembly.
EWO access doubled for 15/16
Pro Active approach to attendance throughout school
Increased SLA with EWO.
Significant and continuous investment in rewards
SLA agreed Sept 15
Attendance clinic 26/11/15
Autumn 15/16
67pupils= 100% Attendance
Autumn 14/15
47pupils0 100% Attendance
Ensure that the school has Access to ‘Top up Funding’ for SEN children with high needs.
Additional funding is available to support SEN children within the mainstream. This must be applied for and evidenced rigorously.
Specific needs of SEN children are being met and the school is inclusive.
Targeted children make good progress and are well supported.
EW to identify specific needs of children and complete necessary protocols.
AU1- Applications in place for 2 children.
3 further children identified.
AU2- Funding secured for 1 child
SP2- Funding Secured
Top up funding has been received for --children.
SENCO ensuring this is spent to maximum pupil benefit.
Develop ‘Middlefield Guidelines’ for Homework for KS1 and KS2.
Parental and School Council request to standardise our approach to Homework.
Consistent approach and all stakeholders aware of requirements.
KC to establish guidelines for weekly: Spellings; Home readers; timestables/
counting activities. All staff responsible for implem-entation.
BF met with school council AU1
DP met with Parents Committee AU1 and 12/1/16
Policy launched to parents and pupils 9/11/15 at Parents evening
Homework policy has been a huge success- evidenced by participation figures and displays around the school
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