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Middlefield Community Primary School


Community Primary School

Pupil Voice

Middlefield Student Council
Our School Council is the 'Pupil Voice' for all of the children at
Middlefield Community Primary School. We meet to discuss how we
can all work together to improve our school. Each class has a
representative whose job is to gather pupils’ ideas and opinions,
feedback important information from our meetings and share ideas
and action plans with other members of the school community. Our
school places a great deal of importance on 'pupil voice' and we
celebrate the contribution our councillors make.

Our School Council members this year are:

Year Group Student Name
Year 1 Junior
Year 1 Poppy
Year 2 Alfie
Year 2 Lilli
Year 3 Jake
Year 3 Smantha
Year 4 Ellie
Year 4 Damien
Year 5 Lilly
Year 5 Maci
Year 6 Millie
Year 6 Zhi Cheng

Aims of the School Council:

  • To listen to pupils' ideas.
  • To aim to improve our school in a positive way.
  • To help to make our school a friendly, happy and safe place.
  • To aim to make our ideas go a long way; beyond school.
  • To find out pupils' points of view about school.
  • To feedback what has happened during School Council meetings.

School Council representatives will:

  • Collect the views of your class and pass them on to the school council.
  • Talk to you about school council meetings and decisions.
  • Respect your opinions and share them with the school community.